A close-up of a map of Japan with each region in a different color and each prefecture outlined and marked with its symbol.


Japanese Prefectural Map

A custom map of Japan. Each of the 47 Japanese prefectures is labeled with its symbol, indicating its name in both kanji and furigana in a key on the right.

A colorful map of Japan on a black background. Each region is in a different color of the rainbow from top to bottom. Close-up of the map showing the prefectural symbols more clearly. Close-up of the map legend with kanji and furigana.

Evolution of Disease

Data visualization for UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Tracks the first incidence of diseases in the tree of life, from depressive Arctic char to menopausal orcas. View full size.

A colorful tree diagram on a black background above a timeline. Each branch is labeled with the small silhouettes and Latin and common names of animals, with the diseases listed to their right. Close-up of the right ends of the tree branches and animal silhouettes.


Personal event graphics.

Illustration of a house shape surrounded by a rectangle of red flame, with a small cat head with annoyed blue eyes at its apex, and neon green pentagrams arrayed on either side. Text says 'WARM HOUSE / JUNO'S 666 DAYS ON HRT'. The counters of the U and D are pink tongues with a small blue estrogen pill in the center. The counter of the O is a blue pill. A neon green square with rounded sans serif text saying 'SOUR PARTY' diagonally across the image and smaller text with event details along each edge. Above and below, in a fat line weight, are drawings of a lemon with a puckered-up face and a calm-looking magenta berry.

Contempo Flux

For a concert series at UCLA; lettering done in Illustrator.

The gauzy letters 'CONTEMPO FLUX' spiral around the center of the black-and-white poster.


I tore my ACL rock climbing. The sound it made, created with arthroscopy photos from the inside of my knee. A one-hour poster.

A poster with the text 'pop, POP', made of the negative black and red space between symmetrical circular photos of internal pink and white body tissue.

Campus Events Commission

Campus Events Commission is UCLA's student-run provider of films, concerts, and speakers. I created or drew the majority of the imagery for these, with the exception of the twins engraving and roses.

A pink poster with an old medical engraving of two twins curled together in a cut-away uterus. Red translucent roses line the edges of the poster. 'twin sister' appears in umbilical cursive above the twins. A red poster with the text 'THIS MEANS WAR' and two guns wiht stretched barrels forming heart shapes curving around each other. Fine line drawing on a yellow background of two outstretched hands reaching up and a stipled orange and tiny crystal shapes hovering above them. White poster for Django Unchained with a Black woman's face surrounded by circles: a high brick wall, stylized flames, chains, and lollipops. Red drips of blood accent the left border.

UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center

Original photography and lettering.

Poster for 'Gayming Afternoons' with a close-up photo of the board game LIFE, with two pale blue figures in a car together and two pale pink figures in another car. Brown-skinned hands hold cards in the blurry background. A smiling white person and a bare-chested man hug. Their arms and back are lettered with 'WELCOME HOME!' more event details in rainbow.


Another one-hour poster.

Crinkled, puckered deep red satin fabric decorated with yellow dots around the pucker.

UCLA Design|Media Arts Grad Guide

A circular calendar with red labels indicating speaker event dates. A red and white circular calendar.