Posters & Logos (2015– )

Japanese Prefectural Map

A custom map of Japan. Each of the 47 Japanese prefectures is labeled with its symbol, indicating its name in both kanji and furigana in a key on the right.

A colorful map of Japan on a black background. Each region is in a different color of the rainbow from top to bottom.

Personal work

Self-initialized projects.

A neon green square with rounded sans serif text saying 'SOUR PARTY' diagonally across the image and smaller text with event details along each edge. Above and below, in a fat line weight, are drawings of a lemon with a puckered-up face and a calm-looking magenta berry. A white square with a hot pink abstract penis in a cyan-light pink puddle, inviting you to queer book club for Napkin by Carta Monir.

Brigada Solidaria NYC

Mexico has more than 87,000+ disappeared people as a result of the U.S. War on Drugs. As a response to this tremendous loss, and an ineffectual government, families across Mexico have organized to search the countryside, institutions, prisons, and the streets for their missing loved ones. The NYC Solidarity Brigade is fundraising to support their search.

Black-and-white stylized cupped hands holding a torn photo with a silhouette of a person's portrait, next to the words 'BRIGADA SOLIDARIA' in blocky, condensed bold letters and a smaller 'NYC' below.

Trans Queer Migrant Freedom Bond Fund

Based on the classic tapestry The Unicorn in Captivity. Created for the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, which advocates for and provides direct services to detained and undocumented LGBTQI people.

A black hexagon with a stylized white unicorn rearing inside. The text below says 'TRANS/QUEER MIGRANT FREEDOM BOND FUND'.

Earth Mother Medicine

A queer Latina-owned plant-based healing brand.

A woman with eight eyes (four stacked where one would normally go), three noses and three lips in a slight smile (one set central and one set on either cheek). An orchid adorns her forehead and her hair is mounded above her head in stylized rows. A five-petaled flower points upward atop her hair.

Parallel History Museum

A logo for the Parallel History Museum, which houses exhibitions from the natural and cultural histories of all Earths. The "H" of "PHM" becomes a wormhole.

A 'P' and 'M' sit on either side of a wormhole which is rotated slightly to look like a three-dimensional 'H'.