A close-up photo of Gabriel's right eye. They have a brown-black iris and light tawny skin.

Gabriel Lee

Say hello at gabriel.lee.design@gmail.com, or to see a full resume or CV.

Design statement

I'm a multidisciplinary designer. I mainly do graphic design, often incorporate illustration in my work, and enjoy storytelling for social change and complementing those stories with data visualization. I'm always focused on clear communication, impact, and the best way to highlight content and translate it into visuals. I have experience with HTML/CSS and web design, animation, and more.

Whether creating art or design, I try to operate with rigor and delight in every detail.

Artist statement

I explore transgender identity and relationality, darkness and alienation, and the subjectivity, strangeness, and beauty of embodiment and anatomical form. My work lays bare unsettling aspects of our material reality and plays in the gaps created by perception.

My process involves experimenting with and exploiting the unique qualities and affordances of disparate mediums and allowing those qualities to shape my work. I often incorporate text and wordplay, examining language as a tool for modulating perceptual gaps, establishing context, and shaping the world. Using repetitive, accumulative forms, I evoke the processes by which living creatures define and redefine ourselves, moving through the world as patterns rather than fixed subjects.